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CABEX MAPS are a new type of paper maps for Africa. The African continent has always lacked really good maps and CABEX is working hard to address this situation. Obviously this is a long-term project and some countries must get priority over others.

The great thing about using Tracks4Africa map data is that the new generation maps will have ACCURATE road and track information, as recorded by travelers with GPSr’s. In addition, topographical information is gleaned from the Internet, using sites like Google Earth and others to obtain accurate information about rivers, lakes, forests etc.

The results are all put together into detailed, user-friendly maps, supplementing the popular T4A GPS maps that already exist for most African countries. Distance and travel time information is annotated along every road and track, giving the user an immediate idea not only how far he/she has to travel, but also how long it will take.  For European and American maps this would hardly have any sense, as 99.9% of the roads are hard-surfaced, but in Africa this is an almost indispensable attribute for reliable and responsible trip planning. 

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Products released so far:

April 2009, BOTSWANA Map
2009 Edition:

Botswana map
Namibia Map
2010 Edition:

Namibia map
Botswana Map,
2010 Edition:

Botswana map 2010

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Cabex Blog
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View the CABEX MAPS in detail.
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