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spacer cabex maps is the company that makes the new, definitive and superbly detailed Tracks4Africa tourist maps of countries in Africa.
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CABEX MAPS is the company that makes the new, definitive and superbly detailed Tracks4Africa©Tourist maps of countries in Africa.

Our aim is to create the best maps possible for the traveller in southern Africa. The latest product by CABEX Maps is the new map called “100 KM around Cape Town”. This map was released in October 2010 and our distribution network is steadily being enlarged. The map was announced in the press on various occasions. For a full listing of all the shops that carry our new map, please click on the “BLOG” tab. 

CABEX MAPS and Tracks4Africa (also known as "T4A") co-operate closely in building new paper maps for Africa.

T4A is the organization that collects and processes the GPSr data, recorded and sent in by many hundreds – if not thousands - of travelers throughout Africa. These travel data form the heart of the well-known Tracks4Africa GPS maps, which, once uploaded into a GPSr unit, provide turn-by-turn driving instructions, not only for the entire route from Cairo to Cape Town but also on most roads and tracks in practically every country on the African Continent.

CABEX MAPS uses these electronic data to create large scale paper maps, which provide the user with the perfect supplement to the GPS data, or as a stand-alone product, ideal and indeed indispensable for route planning into the wild regions of Africa. 

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